At School

Fundraising at school can be great fun and a fantastic way to introduce concepts of empathy and caring for others to children.  We have lots of ideas below of activities that would work well with children, please just ensure you follow all guidelines when organising an event at school or in a youth group.

Cake sale

Get a different class each week to bake the cakes and sell them at the school gates

No-uniform day

Hold a no-uniform day (have a theme if you want) and ask people to donate £1 to Talbot House to take part.

Car wash

Use the school car park on a weekend to hold a car wash and ask the children to help out with the cleaning.


Hold a disco after school in the hall, get a dj and set up a tuck shop then sell tickets and donate the proceeds to Talbot House.

Sponsored event

Encourage the children to get sponsored to take part in an activity such as skipping, spelling or even a sponsored silence (this will be popular amongst teachers!)