At Work

Fundraising at work can be a great way to bring the team together whilst supporting your favourite charity.


If you have a charity of the year scheme and would like to talk to us about this then please give us a call on 0161 203 4095 or by emailing


If you are looking for some fundraising ideas to do with your colleagues then check out these ideas:

Dress down day/loud tie day

Hold a special themed day for your charity or cause. Workers pay a small amount so they can wear casual clothes or a costume to work.  If you work in a smart customer facing role you could always have a loud tie day instead.

Charity raffle

Sell raffle tickets and give away a nice prize. You can theme your raffle – such as giving away a giant chocolate Easter egg, or Christmas-themed prizes – or just reward the winner with something cool like a gift certificate, bath set or tickets to a show.

Sponsored activity

Choose a sponsored activity that will have your colleagues laughing. Popular ideas include sponsored wax and baked bean boots.

Swear box/jargon box

Put a Talbot House collection tin in your office and every time someone swears or uses jargon they get fined £1

Cake Club

Once a week someone makes a cake and everyone donates for a slice.  See how much money you can make in a year for Talbot House


If there is a big sporting event coming up, or even if a colleague is having a baby start up a fundraising sweepstake.  £1 entry and the winner keeps half the money with the other half going to Talbot House.