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  • Emotional support
  • Home visits for older carers
  • Carers breaks and lunches



What THRIVE is about!


 Thrive exists to provide support to older parent carers.

 Helping you and your loved ones THRIVE right now and into the future, in the way that you choose.



Our Mission

Talbot House exists to improve the quality of life for the parent carers

of people with learning disabilities. Our parents receive help and support in a safe, friendly environment, to laugh or cry,

identify with, and support each other. Sharing personal experiences with honesty and acceptance. Click HERE to find out more.

Our Mission
Thank you!

Sincere thanks to everyone who has made a donation to Talbot House.  Your generosity is enabling us to provide support services to parent carers of children with learning disabilities from advice and guidance to pamper sessions that make parent carers feel as special as we know they are!  Your donations are essential in helping us to keep doing what we do best.




Thank you!

Welcome to Talbot House

Talbot House supports parents and carers of people who have learning disabilities in Manchester. We are a one stop shop where carers can pop in for a cup of tea and a chat with others in the same boat.  We also offer additional services such as:

  • One to one support
  • Information about money and benefits
  • Training for carers
  • Carer's lunches
  • Day trips out
  • Pampering treatments - nail bar, massage and beauty treatments
  • THRIVE - this is our special project for older carers where we assist carers to make plans for the future
  • and much more...

We are here to improve the quality of life for parent carers of people with learning disabilities.

People can laugh, cry, identify and support each other here through the sharing of personal experiences and they always leave feeling better than when they came in!

Call us or pop into the centre you will always be made welcome and our tea is second to none!

We are open from 10:00am - 3:00pm Monday to Friday

Please click on our video to find out more about what we do  video

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Manchester International Women's Festival

In this year of 2019 International Women’s Day will be celebrated including 16 Strong Manchester Women and guess who is one of them? Yes yours truly Bernie Wood and I am so excited to be chosen.


Check out my blog to find out more:

Bernie's Blog - Strong Women 2019


Strong Manchester Women Podcast


Bernie was also invited on the Strong Manchester Women podcast. Bernie talks passionately about,

  • the reality of giving birth to a disabled child in the 1970’s
  • what life’s really like as a parent carer
  • using humour as a way to keep going
  • the importance of staying healthy in order to be able to help others
  • writing to the government to instigate change
  • the human-side of caring for a disabled child
  • hitting rock bottom and picking herself back up
  • visiting Buckingham Palace and what winning awards really mean to her


Further information relating to the Podcast can be found below.

Episode 7- Bernie Wood - Strong Manchester Women Podcast


Trigger Warning – in this episode we discuss some sensitive issues, including suicide. So, if you think that this episode could affect your mental health, then please do skip it.


This can been also be listened to on the below podcast services:


Apple Podcasts / Google Podcasts / Spotify







Even small donations make a big difference to families and carers of people with learning disabilities.

Find out more
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    talbothousemcr: In this year of 2019 International Women’s Day will be celebrated including 16 Strong Manchester Women and guess wh… https://t.co/UaqQ7FCYre

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    talbothousemcr: Our Bernie Wood getting ready for the #strongmcrwomen photoshoot 📸 https://t.co/on6yjgYQre

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    talbothousemcr: Great project, please follow!!!!😊 https://t.co/TPhDP8YAjZ

  • 03/07/2018 - 10:28

    talbothousemcr: Appalling waiting times for people with learning disabilities to receive dental care will be asking Sir David Dalto… https://t.co/7OuPMkCSPQ

Celebrating Int


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